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NANU is a Sydney based design company founded by Gabriele Jordan. All items are hand made in Australia with up-cycled sailcloth combined with Australian leather for comfort and style.

Our design and production process ensure each NANU piece is unique and reduces some of the massive landfill of PET material.


Gabriele Jordan, Interior Designer, was trained in Zurich Switzerland where she managed a successful Interior Design studio, Roomood, for 10 years providing solutions to residential, retail and commercial clients.  Gabriele designs bespoke spaces, soft furnishings and homewares for unique purpose, be it a living or working environment.  Consultation with the client and extensive research enables Gabriele to deliver a style solution for unique building interiors.

Daughter Anna recently joined the team. Now her bubbling nature makes it even more fun working for Nanu.


Innovation: Curiosity leads mankind to invent constantly new materials, gadgets and techniques, which is great but that turns the former ideas and items into unwanted things, treated as waste. Sailcloth is an excellent example for the treasures thrown into landfill. Made to resist the harsh conditions out on the ocean, many sails are just replaced for the latest models and get dumped despite they are still strong enough for a second life on land.

Simplicity: In a world with many choices it is easy to loose track in knowing what is really necessary. NANU design goes back to the basics of form and function to create a pure beauty.

Timelessness: Quality in material and craftsmanship combined with  sustainable designs that survives trends, forms the potential to get passed on to the next generation.


Birdsall leather, a 5 generation Sydney based tannery supplies Nanu with Australian leather.


A family owned manufacturer based in St. Peters, Sydney crafts our Nanu products.


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