Hello sailor


Is it time for a new sail?
What will happen to the old one?

When you throw your used sails away they end up in a landfill, designed to stand up to the harsh Australian elements they are made with durable materials that prevent it from breaking down for more than 600 Years!

Thankfully there is another way…
They can be recycled, upcycled and transformed! We create unique and bespoke lifestyle products from your used sails.

By recycling your sail with NANU you will not only contributing to a greener planet by reducing landfill waste but can also see your used and damaged sails remodelled into exclusive products for your home… Imagine inviting your guests to an outdoor lounge made from the sail you cruised the ocean with.

Laser, cruising or racing… Every Dacron sail will be welcome.
A damaged sail is too good for the bin! Contact NANU to recycle your sail and arrange a collection.

0478 956 957